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How important we are as a woman

How important we are as a woman My dear amazing ladies throughout the world. This article is all about you, about us. Did you ever realize that how important we are ?  We have the power to create, nurture and transform a new life inside us. “Woman” one of the best creation of God. We are the one who has a lot of courage. If a woman wants something then she can achieve it.  Generally people compare us with men but, there is no comparison in between man and woman.  They both have different identities, different qualities, and especially woman has so many qualities that a man can’t have. For woman, no matter how typical the situation is, she has the courage to face everything. She always tries at her level best for each and every task that is given to her. Today, people can see women in every field, they are giving their best as a scientist, as a banker, as a politician, teacher, engineer, actress, pharmacist, doctor, data scientist, business women as well as a h

Why confidence is must for every woman and how to develop it

Why confidence is must for every woman Confidence is must for every woman. A “confident woman” can do anything, she can achieve anything in life, because she knows the right way, she knows about her wants and desires, she knows how to explore her dreams. So are you confident enough? Dear ladies, confidence is something you develop over time. Being confident does not mean, to create a wallpaper of “show off” over your comfort zone.  You need to understand that when you leave your comfort zone and try to find out the better version of yourself, meet with new challenges of life then it build up automatically. If you are doing good in your life and you don’t want to face any challenges, just want to enjoy the moment where you are, it shows that you are matured enough.  But do you have that much confidence that you can show your self-worth to other or let realize them that you are unbeatable, unstoppable.   What is Confidence   Confidence is all about feeling sure of yourself and your abili

Why people are never satisfied with what they have

Hungriness is in the nature of human being. People are never satisfied with what they have. They always want something better, something more valuable. Our wants and desires are never-ending. It is not always about our needs. Generally, everybody wants more than his or her needs, you can say that it is our greed. The desires of human are unlimited. If one has home, then he wants to buy a car, if he affords car, then a better life partner, more money, luxury life etc. We all are in the race of wanting something better in our life. It’s a universal truth, may be few people are exception, but mostly have the same thinking. We always try to achieve something better in life, if you have a good job then you want promotions. If you have your own company then you want to make it bigger with higher turnovers.  It all happens because when we look around ourselves then there are always some people around, who are doing good as compare to us. Sometimes due to jealousy and sometimes because of comp

Dream doesn't have an expiration date

Life is not only about work, sleep eat and repeat. It’s more than this.  Do you really understand the real meaning of life ?  How many of you are satisfied with your work ?  Do you enjoy your work ?  How many of you achieve the same that you wanted to do in your future ? Everyone has a dream, and people try to fulfil it. Sometimes we just turn back from our dreams due to some responsibilities. People only concentrate on getting enough money for family. And their dreams conceal behind their needs. We stop ourselves to chase them. With the passage of time a crust of dust assemble to your dream. Even we forgot that we also has some dreams, we also wanted to something different in our life. If the same thing happened with you, so this article will be change your mind set totally. Dear friends, “Dream doesn’t have an expiration date”. It’s a great quote for motivate yourself. It might be possible that you wanted to see yourself as a successful businessman. But due to some circumstances you

Life always gives you a second chance.

Photo by  abdullah .  from  Pexels   Nobody is in the world who could say that He never face failure in life. Everybody has gone through from this, at some point of their lives. One can not say that he or she never face failure in life. Every time you get failure in life, you learn a lesson.  No matter how many mistakes you did in your past, no matter how tough your journey was, no matter how many times you got failed in life. “Life always gives you a second change, it’s called tomorrow”.  Everyone has the possibility to correct their mistake or to try again for things that you couldn’t get. Everyday of life, is a new beginning, you can restart your journey from a new edge. It’s true that you can not rewind your life and make things correct, you always have to look forward in life to correct things. Dear friends, life is not that much unfair, everyday is a new change, each day remind us that it’s never too late to start over. Yes it’s true that if you lost someone in your past then you

Think Positive, Be Positive

According to Remez sasson “Positivity is mental and emotional attitude that focus on the bright side of life and expects positive results”. It is not necessary that if a person is always looking cheerful and smiling then he or she is positive. Positivity refers your outlook towards life, your attitude towards different circumstances. It is an inherent quality that develops automatically when you see everything with a positive perspective. When you try to focus on the bright side of everything and expect positive results then you start creating a positive environment around you. Your way of thinking always impact on your actions. Having   a positive attitude means making positive thinking a habit. What is your perspective towards life? How you see the challenges which come into your life? Which kind of personality you have ? Pessimism type or optimism type ?   Have a look at above image, and tell me what you see ?  if you say that the glass is half empty then you have a pessimist person

Best Friends For life : Husband and Wife

           Marriage is a relation where two people become one soul and share their everything with each other. They laugh together, they cry together, they love each other unconditionally. Sometimes they have different thoughts and opinions but after few hours they leave their arguments in middle because of their love.  Patience, love and forgiveness are the three qualities that are important for happy married life. They are the true friends who shares every joy and sorrow, who faces every situation. Two strongest pillar of happy family.            A man who does everything for his girl. He always try to earn enough money to fulfil his girl’s every dream and desire. And a girl who takes her every step only for her man. She cares her man and his house, and makes his house “A beautiful home”. If a couple is truly in love then there is no difference between “Home” and “Heaven”.                                          Is your relationship going in a right direction ? Are you both best fri

Importance of Self Motivation

  Dear Readers,                        we all know the power of motivation. It’s a secret of success. When someone motivates you in a right way, you feel an extra energy inside you to achieve your goals. But it’s not necessary that you always have someone to motivate you or to teach that what is good for you or how to fulfil your dreams. So one can need motivation from themselves.        It’s a trick that pushes you to achieve your goals and to make yourself stay focused. It’s something that drives you to do thing. It will take your confidence to the next level. A self motivated person never depend on others.   If you are a self motivated person then you can find opportunities and possibilities in tough situations also. New ideas and thoughts will automatically come to your mind. You will never feel the fear of failure, if you are truly motivated. Are you also doing something to being self motivated ? You can ask to any successful person, they all are self motivated. They found their o

How to overcome from The Fear of Rejection

Did you ever feel the fear of rejection ? Many of us faced this fear at some point of our life.  When you don’t trust on yourself and feel low about your personality, your skills, looks or your behaviour. At certain point, you feel that people won’t except you or approved of you due to your lack of confidence. It’s called the fear of rejection.  Because of this fear sometimes you do the things that normally you don’t do. You start feel nervous and uncomfortable. You think like if someone will say no to you then what will happen ?    But sometimes it’s ok to be rejected. Have you ever felt uncomfortable and scary while an interview ?  There are some common symptoms of the fear of rejection like sweaty palm and forehead, increased heart rate, trouble in speaking. This type of behaviour leave a negative impression on your interviewer. Because of your insecurity you may lose a good opportunity.  I am not taking only about an interview, You can consider any phase of your life when you face

How to keep the Spark Alive in a Relationship

         In the starting days of a relationship you are full of love and excitement. You think that you are    the luckiest one, who has everything in the world. The touch of your loved one gives you goosebumps, it is that feeling of butterflies in your stomach.       But after few years, with the passage of time as you grow older, everything has changed. You don’t give proper time and attention to each other due to your responsibilities towards your family. You don’t walk hand in hand like before. Habits of your partner which you loved first, makes you irritated now. You feels flat with each other.        It all happens because your relationship is matured enough. And you both are not giving desire attention to your relation. It doesn’t mean you both don’t love each other, you are still in love but you both thinks that your love does not need any kind of validation. You both wait for each other to make the first move. You don’t want to initiate from your side. And It is the biggest re