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Be the best version of yourself

It sounds good when someone says “Be the best version of yourself” but what is the meaning of this statement? Did you ever realize that you can do something better from what you are doing in your present life? Did you ever feel that you can achieve more or perform better from today? Did you ever recognise your self-worth? Do you know everything about your capabilities? I am saying all these things because it helps you to be the best version of yourself. As a human being we can do a lot of things at the same time and achieve everything what we want but, are we getting all the things that we want? Everyone has limitless potential inside and every person can do much better, only if they try hard for the things and focus on efforts. Photo by  Andrea Piacquadio  from  Pexels What is the meaning of “To be the best version of you”? The meaning of this statement is “to move forward in your life towards success from where you are, to explore yourself, to discover yourself and your capabilities

Consequences of Gossip

Consequences of Gossip Do you feel bad when people gossip about you? In today’s world everyone is ready for giving comments and unwanted suggestions or their opinions. This is the habit of some people that they always try to pull down someone. We all use social media, when we see a picture of someone, our virtual commenter turn on, which is in our mind, it starts giving comment that “wow, she is pretty”, “oh, she is looking ugly” or “what kind of dress it is” “what’s wrong with her makeup” etc. etc. Even you are not going to type your comment on that particular picture but your mind start itself to give comment. Normally people comment on those whom, they cannot compete with. And that is the basic reason of their unwanted gossip because they are not able to achieve at your level that is why they try to pull you down or belittle you. They don’t like you because their ego doesn’t allow them to do this. People, who look upward in their lives, don’t get affect by unwanted gossips or commen

Stop worrying about others opinion

We are human beings and we are affected by what people think of us. We live in the world where social life is important as well as personal life. Other’s opinion is really valuable or not, it totally depends on the context and the situation you are facing. What other people think about you is their ability to judge a person. What actually matters is how their thinking affects you and your life. If you always waste your time and energy to care about what other people think about you then you would be mentally drain yourself. Whatever you heard from people about you or whatever said to you by someone, you just don’t need to take anything seriously unless you really think, it is worth considering. No matter how hard you try for something, you can never satisfy people, so better ignore them. No one can be good for all at each and every time. If whatever you are doing is totally personal and related to you, your friends and family are also in your support then what others think about you is

Just act, don't react

Most of our problems can be resolved if we stop ourselves from giving reaction on that to toxic people. Normally, people take less action and react more on things. Even a small issue can be turned into big because of wrong reactions. Is it really necessary to react on every single thing or statement? If the situation is in our favour then we act calmly or we can say that our mind, think twice before saying anything. People often respond according to their circumstances. Action is what that you take for doing something but reaction is something that makes you miserable. Generally, reaction comes quick, without much thought and makes you tense and aggressive. It pushes you out from your comfort zone, even sometimes you forced to react but most of the time you have freedom to take actions. It all depends on how you respond in different situations. It is a human tendency, if someone gives his feedback to us then, we trust on their statement. If the feedback is positive then we feel happy a

Your Actions make you everything

Everyone has a dream, everyone wants to fulfil his or her desire, everyone wants success in life but only few are there who achieve it. And this is because many of us only think about it, no one want to take actions. Nothing good happens in life if you sit ideal and living in your dream world. Your action makes you everything. If you want to do something in your life then you should be take action for what you want, for your desire. No one can achieve something in life without doing anything. There are only two types of people in this world, successful people and unsuccessful people, and the basic difference in between them is just the actions that they took in their lives. Action is steps that you continuously take to achieve your goal, action is what that takes you from where you are to where you want to go, it is something that improve yourself and take you to headway. Your action is something that realized you the future can be better than the present. If you want to migrate your d

Life is too short to put up with fools

Life is too short to put up with fools Yes, I totally mean it. This world is totally amazing place. Here we meet several people, some ofthem are our good friends but some are here only to make us feel ignominious. We all deal with that types of people, they are everywhere, in your workplace, your neighbourhoods and in your relations. Fools take away your joy from you. We all have some people in our life who are always the reason of our problems or irritations. They are the people who are always tries to demean you. Whenever you involve in any conversation with them, they always show that they know everything, they are right at their place and you are wrong. They always put you down. If you want to keep focused on moving forwards on your way towards your goal, it’s better to ignore them and their talk because they only want to distract you from your aim, they want to demotivate you and just bring you down to their level. So better, don’t give them importance. Even every one of us surrou