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Happiness lies within us; all we need is, to explore our selves.

What is happiness? It is just a state of mind in which we feel relaxed, calm, energetic, peaceful, happy and motivated. It can be starts from us and end at us. We are the only one who is responsible for our happiness. You know, what is the best part of happiness? When we are happy, we cannot think negative about anything and never harm someone through our actions or words. Did you ever smile without any reason? Like you get a quick thought in mind about your childhood or your college days or it could be anything that takes a beautiful smile on your face. Some of our old memories are always make us happy. Photo by  Just Name  from  Pexels Normally, what people do? They search for happiness in wealth, career, money and success, but tell me what you will do of all this things if you are alone inside. It always comes from our own actions, and only our inner feeling can create it, nothing else, trust me. We all are very busy in following our daily routines, office works, house hold work, ev

This too will pass

I really don’t know how and from where to start. After a long time I am going to pen something, we all are aware about what is happening around the world. Everyone is suffering; everyone is lock inside home because it is necessary to save lives of us and our dear ones. No doubt time is very hard; people have no other way to face this crisis. This pandemic has already snatched so many lives; some of them are of our loved ones. Around 213 countries are affected by COVID 19.                  We all are watching news channels, we all know how many people are affected, so I will not discuss more about this in figures. I don’t want to spread negativity, let’s discuss some thing that gives us new hope and positivity in this time. If you are feeling sad, depressed and alone than you should definitely follow my advice – Guys, life is the biggest gift of God. If we are still alive and healthy, thanks to God for every thing. Thank him for keep us safe from this deadly virus and remember that he i