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“Love yourself and spread happiness” is the place for all who want to be happy in their lives and for those who believes that they have the place in the world. If you want some motivation for yourself then this is the perfect place for you. Here you find so many motivational articles are on one place which helps you to make your life better. Here I focus on relationships, life, self-improvement and on  so much more topics that will be helpful for you. My goal is to provide you a new hope, new way of happiness and a new energy level towards your life.

About myself

I born and raised up in Madhya Pradesh, India. From the beginning I was passionate about learning new things. I am a girl who loves to share her thoughts and happiness with others. I have completed my Bachelor of engineering with the specialization in computer science and engineering in 2013. After that I got placed in an IT company. I was a bright student in my college days. And after few months I got married with my dream man, and after sometime I started my job in an MNC. But now I am a mother of a toddler ,a homemaker as well as an inspirational blogger. My blog has been shortlisted in the category of “ Top 50 inspirational blog lists” for 2019 by Feedspot, which is a content reader who reads all your favourite websites in one place.

I really enjoy writing, I have great thoughts and a peaceful mind and soul that can help you to find out the real purpose of life. I am a motivational blogger, who writes about love, life, relationships, success, failures and on so many topics. I have the quality of convincing people with my thoughts and it is God gifted. 


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Your word reflects your character

Most of you are already aware about what I am saying. Yes it is true that our word reflects our character. How you talk with others, says everything about you. I see so many people in my life, who shows that they are the great personalities, they try to show-off their achievement but when they start talking, their only aim is to distract you, they always try to belittle you, they simply want to say that they are the best
and you are at the lower level and you don’t know anything about society.
They feel that they are the greatest,only they are good and rest of people are worse. I really don’t understand why people behave like this? In this world every person is unique, their personalities, their capabilities, their talents, strength everything is different. There are so many things in this world that one can do but maybe you cannot. And also so many things are there that you can do but others cannot.

I just wonder whenever I think about it, how easily some people find others mistake an…

Just act, don't react

Most of our problems can be resolved if we stop ourselves from giving reaction on that to toxic people. Normally, people take less action and react more on things. Even a small issue can be turned into big because of wrong reactions. Is it really necessary to react on every single thing or statement? If the situation is in our favour then we act calmly or we can say that our mind, think twice before saying anything. People often respond according to their circumstances. Action is what that you take for doing something but reaction is something that makes you miserable. Generally, reaction comes quick, without much thought and makes you tense and aggressive. It pushes you out from your comfort zone, even sometimes you forced to react but most of the time you have freedom to take actions. It all depends on how you respond in different situations.
It is a human tendency, if someone gives his feedback to us then, we trust on their statement. If the feedback is positive then we feel happy a…

Consequences of Gossip

Consequences of Gossip
Do you feel bad when people gossip about you? In today’s world everyone is ready for giving comments and unwanted suggestions or their opinions. This is the habit of some people that they always try to pull down someone. We all use social media, when we see a picture of someone, our virtual commenter turn on, which is in our mind, it starts giving comment that “wow, she is pretty”, “oh, she is looking ugly” or “what kind of dress it is” “what’s wrong with her makeup” etc. etc. Even you are not going to type your comment on that particular picture but your mind start itself to give comment.
Normally people comment on those whom, they cannot compete with. And that is the basic reason of their unwanted gossip because they are not able to achieve at your level that is why they try to pull you down or belittle you. They don’t like you because their ego doesn’t allow them to do this.
People, who look upward in their lives, don’t get affect by unwanted gossips or commen…

Does it matter how you look ?

Normally people attract with looks. If someone is looking good then people think that he or she is intelligent. Why we always compare someone’s intelligence and capabilities with looks? It is not mandatory that if someone is looking good then he is also intelligent. I am not saying that you are not intelligent because you look good, off course you are. But here I am talking about those who are intelligent enough but underestimated by their looks. It might be possible that the other one is more intelligent as compare to you but you just ignore them because of their looks.Why we don’t give priority to inner beauty? “The beauty of a soul” why we don’t prefer it? Our inner beauty never fade away. It spreads happiness and joy everywhere.Let’s take an example – you are in a restaurant and you see a beautiful lady sit next behind you, her dressing sense outstanding, She has an eye catching personality. But when she calls a waiter,
She speaks with him very rudely and using harsh words while co…

How to develop a positive mindset

Dear friends, if you really want to grow in your life and want to get success then you must develop a positive mindset and a positive attitude that leads you to the path where you wanted to go. Almost every one of us has dreams, everyone has some desires, but we don’t know how to get it and the reason is only the wrong attitude, we want so many things from life but we don’t do it in a right way. We all have plans but how many of us actually execute it? And who decide that whatever we planned, is plan according to a good strategy?

One must have a positive attitude towards life, towards his/her goals. If you have a positive mind set then life becomes happiest for you because you always seek for happiness, you find the reasons of happiness. With a positive mind-set you can achieve everything no matter what your dream is, hard
work and positive mind set both are parallel to each other. You cannot do hard work without a positive approach towards life. A positive mind set will take you to the…

Be the best version of yourself

It sounds good when someone says “Be the best version of yourself” but what is the meaning of this statement? Did you ever realize that you can do something better from what you are doing in your present life?Did you ever feel that you can achieve more or perform better from today?Did you ever recognise your self-worth? Do you know everything about your capabilities?I am saying all these things because it helps you to be the best version of yourself.
As a human being we can do a lot of things at the same time and achieve everything what we want but, are we getting all the things that we want? Everyone has limitless potential inside and every person can do much better, only if they try hard for the things and focus on efforts.

What is the meaning of “To be the best version of you”?The meaning of this statement is “to move forward in your life towards success from where you are, to explore yourself, to discover yourself and your capabilities and to take out your hidden talent
in the field …

Don't compare your child with others

Dear Parents,
This post is all about Your little one's. Are you also compare your toddlers with other ?
 If yes then please stop this immediately. You have to understand that every child is different. Their habits are different. Children need only your love and affection. Let them grow. Let them follow their interests. Teach them right values and good habits but don’t force them to follow everything you say. Comparing your child with others is actually making you and your child stressed. Sometimes your family member says, "look your child, he/she  does not have any etiquette , or he/she is so much better than you. Or look, your sibling secured higher marks as compare to you. Learn something from other kids". They don’t want to hurt you but unknowing these type of statements do more hurt than good. Tell them that why do we compare our child with others ? Every child is unique & different. They have different interest, different capabilities & talents. You should enc…

How to overcome from The Fear of Rejection

Did you ever feel the fear of rejection ? Many of us faced this fear at some point of our life.

 When you don’t trust on yourself and feel low about your personality, your skills, looks or your behaviour. At certain point, you feel that people won’t except you or approved of you due to your lack of confidence. It’s called the fear of rejection. 

Because of this fear sometimes you do the things that normally you don’t do. You start feel nervous and uncomfortable. You think like if someone will say no to you then what will happen ?

But sometimes it’s ok to be rejected.
Have you ever felt uncomfortable and scary while an interview ? 
There are some common symptoms of the fear of rejection like sweaty palm and forehead, increased heart rate, trouble in speaking. This type of behaviour leave a negative impression on your interviewer. Because of your insecurity you may lose a good opportunity.

 I am not taking only about an interview, You can consider any phase of your life when you face this fe…

Your Actions make you everything

Everyone has a dream, everyone wants to fulfil his or her desire, everyone wants success in life but only few are there who achieve it. And this is because many of us only think about it, no one want to take actions. Nothing good happens in life if you sit ideal and living in your dream world. Your action makes you everything. If you want to do something in your life then you should be take action for what you want, for your desire. No one can achieve something in life without doing anything. There are only two types of people in this world, successful people and unsuccessful people, and the basic difference in between them is just the actions that they took in their lives.

Action is steps that you continuously take to achieve your goal, action is what that takes you from where you are to where you want to go, it is something that improve yourself and take you to headway. Your action is something that realized you the future can be better than the present.
If you want to migrate your dr…

Love yourself Ladies & Spread Happiness everywhere...

My Dear Ladies,                       This is my first blog for those amazing women who are always busy in doing something. I'm talking about all, may be you are working lady or a housewife...

We all are busy in our lives. Always busy in doing our work our priorities... I can say that we are living for our beloved ones for our families. Even sometimes we forget that we have our own life, our own identity. 

if you are married than you can easily understand what I want to say to you....
but My dear why we lost our uniqueness ? why we forgot that we also had some qualities that no one has... I don't want to say that don't give time to your loved ones, I am just saying that love yourself first. tell me my friend, when was the last time you spent a quiet moment just doing nothing - or when was the time just sitting and looking at the sea, or watching the wind blowing the tree limbs...

Do you remember that ?
 it's very important to take care of yourself. take at least an hour a da…